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Website Design & Development
Company In Cochin

We Can Help Build Your Identity In The Digital Space

At Abe Media, we offer Website Design & Development Services for both small and medium-scale enterprises and large corporate houses. Our custom-built website is tailored to the needs of the client. Our process involves constructive discussion with the management of the enterprise to design and build a website that reflects the ethos of the company.

The initial phase involves developing a wireframe to showcase the brand and its products. We then proceed by defining a customer journey anticipating the preferences of the visitor to the website. This journey has to be kept as simple and hassle-free as possible as those visiting your website are in search of an answer to a query or are looking to own a product as per their needs. Put simply, an evergreen design that would last the test of time are based on the principles of pleasing aesthetics, easy accessibility and being responsive across multiple mobile devices and gadgets. Upon successful completion of the UI/UX design phase, we then proceed with the development of the website.

Our developers are skilled in the art of clean coding so that the website is smooth, fast and well-structured. We would also be identifying the tasks which could be automated like an enquiry submitted on the website to be automatically delivered to multiple other email IDs or even get them to auto-populate on an excel sheet. We, as a Website Design & Development Company also understand the importance of today’s mobile-first experience. For this, we pay strict attention to ensure that your newly designed website functions as expected across any & all portable devices. Further, the website will also have a custom Content Management System wherein the clients themselves will have the freedom to add more pages, include more content, update images as per their needs.

Why Invest In Website
Design & Development?

Without a presence in the digital space, it is difficult for a business to thrive in today’s market. Here are the advantages of having a fully functioning and well-developed website for your business.

Customer Engagement
& Branding

As more and more businesses are transacting online, it is imperative that your website offers a seamless experience to all visitors. Not all visitors to your website are going to invest in your business, but for those who do it will most definitely be based on the experience they have gone through on your website. Even in the case where the business is a brick and mortar platform, prospective customers research online first and then make an informed decision on whether to visit the store or not. Your website, if built well, is going to be the one source that ensures constant customer engagement resulting in enhancement of your brand value

A must for SEO

Without a website, there is no Search Engine Optimization and without Search Engine Optimizations there is no way to generate an organic source of revenue. Clean coding, mobile responsiveness, page load times along with other foundational elements like URLs, Meta tags, Header tags, Image Tags, etc. work in unison to get your website to the top on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

A long-lasting source

Your website will be a long-lasting source for your business to consistently generate leads and sell products. This is your virtual space & you have the option of modifying the same based on the growth trajectory of your business. A prospective new customer who gets to know about your business would as the first step do research online. If you do not have a website or if it only offers a lackluster experience, the customer would most-definitely lose trust & would engage with your competitor.

Our Range of
Search Engine Optimization Services

Abe Communication takes great pride in having a team of developers who had previously in their individual capacities worked on multiple websites. Our team has been tried and tested and offers the best solution for all your Website Design and Development needs.

Design & Development

Our Website Design & Development Services are a great option for those who want to build a new website or for those who would only want a few elements to be updated to bring it up to speed based on the lasted trends. This particular service involves meticulous planning and execution based on set timelines. From ideation, delivery of the wireframe, the actual design process to the final development of the product, our team can get your digital journey started within the shortest timeframe.

Landing Page
Design & Development

As you may already know, Landing Pages are an integral part of Digital Marketing. More often than not, landing pages are used to showcase a particular product or service being offered by a brand or in other cases an exclusive event. Landing pages would simultaneously be deployed alongside paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Google & Instagram. The page would reflect the tone of voice being used in the creatives of the advertisement and would be tailored to a specific need.

Custom Content
Management System

In most cases, the main concern of any business owner is the fact whether they would be able to update their website or make any modifications related to the content or images on the site themselves or would they always need the help of an agency. This is why we always promote this service of ours so that the client has complete control over the same. With the help of this Custom Content Management System, you will be able to update all the content, images and videos on the website as & when need without any assistance from a developer

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